Nuria Beauty

Made from the best global beauty wisdom and blended with modern science, Nuria helps keep skin healthy and glowing. Every Nuria product is inspired by a different place around the world and scientifically formulated to be clean, effective, vegan, carbon neutral, and cruelty-free.
Nuria founder Naomi Furgiuele has nearly two decades of experience working with natural products and a deep understanding of how to harness the power of natural ingredients to improve skin health. To create Nuria, she scoured the globe for the most effective and proven natural ingredients and then she blended them with modern science to create clean, effective skincare that keeps skin looking healthy and glowing.
Nuria is designed to address what skin truly needs to be healthy. After developing skincare products for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands, Naomi realized that while the concept of “skin types” might keep things simple, it does skin a disservice. The truth is we each have different, dynamic skincare needs due to ever-changing factors like seasons, hormones, stress, and our physical environment. Nuria is designed to be mixed and matched to adapt to consumers’ lifestyles to keep skin healthy and glowing.
Naomi also believes that as a women-founded company, we have a responsibility to help other women. That’s why Nuria contributes a portion of all sales to girls’ education.
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