innovaSpray® IMMUN Peppermint

innovaSpray® IMMUN Peppermint

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Natural support of the immune system in its function during the cold season. In 1 ml innovaSpray® immun there are 20 mg of the enzyme lysozyme and 10 mg Vitamin B6 – both natural components are very important for the human immune System to fight viruses and bacterials effectively – up to 80 percent protection against viruses and pathogens.

Product Advantages

  • Easy and safe intake/use

  • Easy to use anywhere - practical on the go

  • Oral spray - rapid distribution in the mouth/pharynx

  • Pleasant taste of peppermint

  • High activity and good bioavailability

Two natural components to support the immune system

Lysozyme is an important component of the humancongenital immune system. It was discovered in 1922 by Alexander Fleming. This enzyme belongs to the group of hydrolases and its antibacterial and antiviral effect (degrading of bacterial cell walls) contributes to the functioning of the immune system. Lysozyme is found in almost all human bodily fluids such as e.g. saliva, sweat, nasal secretion and tear fluid. The lysozyme level in the body fluids falls with age. In addition to this, it can also be found in the egg white of hen’s eggs protecting the egg from pathogen spermeatingit.

Vitamin B6 (also called pyridoxine) is a water-soluble vitamin. It is necessary for many metabolic processes in the human body. It particularly influences the immune defence, the formation of blood cells and the nervous system. The immune system does not function smoothly if there is a vitamin B6 deficiency. A lack of vitamin B6 causes the thymus gland to shrink and thus the centre of the immune system. Additionally, vitamin B6 is involved in the formation of important neurotransmitters such as serotonin, the happy chemical.

Recommendation for use:
Two sprays up to six times daily every two hours directly into the mouth / throat.

1 ml (5 sprays) contains: 20 mg lysozyme and 10 mg vitamin B6 

1 spray contains: 4 mg lysozyme and 2 mg vitamin B6


Oral spray - 30 ml (approx. 150 sprays)

Purified water, fillers: sorbitol and propylene glycol, lysozyme hydrochloride (from hens’ eggs), pyridoxine hydrochloride, preservative: sorbic acid, sweetener: saccharin, peppermint flavour, acidity regulator: sodium phosphate


What is Clean Beauty?

With words such as green, natural and organic we are often misled into thinking a product is ‘clean’ without checking the label. Clean beauty means that a product is safe, non-toxic, and has transparent labeling of ingredients. Just because a product is green/natural/organic it doesn’t mean it is clean. Clean Beauty, at its core, is a product that is safe to use with no harmful ingredients (to reiterate: not chemicals, but ingredients!).

Small Batch production

Small batch production has taken off in the last 2-3 years with local businesses taking the lead. From decor and beauty to food brands, we are seeing a huge shift in expectation from consumers as well as brands leading the process. Conscious consumers are moving away from mass-produced, large-scale beauty products to sustainable and eco-friendly makeup brands that operate along ethical lines. A renewed focus on zero-waste makeup is also part of this planet- and people-conscious movement.

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