Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair
Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair

Sling Eco Vegan Cactus Leather Hanging Chair

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Our SLING hanging chair which is crafted with cactus leather – a highly-sustainable environmentally-friendly vegan material.

Stripped away from all excess, this hanging chair has a circular frame with the sheets of cactus leather hanging loose within it, to create a sleek, sexy, and oh so comfortable experience. This chair’s clean lines and lightness makes it a perfect fit for any space. It has a sleek look and an air of functional elegance. The cactus leather seat is lined with unique South African original Three Cats Shwe Shwe fabric. Each one is handmade with care by our craftsmen. Form-fitting comfort, perfect both for any indoor or under cover patio spaces Comes with a cactus leather bolster for comfort.

We support products that are created to be gentle on the planet and also made by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and support one-of-a-kind pieces, and variance in design due to the process of hand crafting. In a world of homogenized mass production, slower designed, handmade products require less energy than mass-produced items and often last longer, reducing the cycle of waste in our “throw-away” culture.

The hanging mechanisms are supplied with the chair – in standard lengths, ready for installation. The Sling chair can disassemble and splits in half for flat packing – great in economising packing and freight.

Made to Order : Please allow 6-8 weeks for manufacturing

Standard hanging mechanisms included -

  • the ropes (9ft)
  • carabiners
  • a spring - to ensure a soft and wonderful sitting experience 
  • swivel - allowing the chair to rotate to change the view point when sitting.



100 L (arm to arm) cm

100 W (back to front) cm

50 H (top to bottom) cm

Inches approx.

39” : L (arm to arm)

39” W (back to front)

19.7” ; H (top to bottom) cm


+-9 kg / 20 lbs

Key Features:

  • Made with cactus leather – a highly-sustainable environmentally-friendly material.
  • Cactus Leather that is made from the Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear.

    • it takes approximately three leaves of cactus to create one linear meter of cactus leather
    • cacti absorb carbon dioxide, converting it into plant carbohydrates which ensures building strong plants which, in turn, create pure, clean oxygen for us to breathe
    • only the mature leaves of the plant are cut when harvesting, without damaging the plant itself, enabling repeat harvests every 6-8 months, from the same plant
    • it only takes 200 litres of water to grow one kilogram of cactus biomass, which is absorbed by the plant itself from humidity present in the atmosphere, compared to an average 1,000 litres to grow the same kilogram of other crops
    • cactus is a tough and resilient species, adapted to extreme conditions and able to survive in areas where nothing else will grow
    • cacti can grow in severely degraded soils which are inadequate for other crops

    Green Credentials:

    • CED (MJ) CUMULATIVE ENERGY DEMAND: our cactus leather saves 878.26% CED (MJ) compared to animal leather, and 78.96% compared to polyurethane (PU)
    • GHG CARBON (KGCO2EQ.): our cactus leather saves 1,864.02% Greenhouse Gas Emissions compared to animal leather, and 77.69% compared to polyurethane (PU)
    • EUTROPHICATION (KGPO4 3-EQ.): our cactus leather saves 500% Eutrophication impact compared to animal leather, and 100% compared to polyurethane (PU)
    • WATER USE (M3): our cactus leather saves 164,650% of water compared to animal leather, and 190% compared to polyurethane (PU)
    • (C02) CARBON NEGATIVE FARMING: In only 14 acres of organic cactus plantations, 8,100 tons of CO2 is absorbed per year, while only generating 15.30 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Vegan
  • A bolster blanket / neck cushion are included in cactus leather with plain piping.
  • Beautiful, Modern
  • Contemporary and unique
  • Made By Hand
  • Indoor / Under cover patio
  • Hanging Mechanisms in standard lengths are Included
  • Maximum Capacity 120 kgs / 265 lbs.
  • Made From Mild Steel 
  • Powder Coated Rust Treated
    Why Made to Order

    Made to order product online is manufactured as and when it is ordered and according to the specifications of the individual. Made to order is also slower to produce and is therefore more environmentally sustainable, causing less wastage and avoiding over-production. As a movement, made to order promotes a culture of quality where people come to appreciate and cherish their garments as heirlooms rather than just seasonable pieces that quickly go out of fashion.

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