Plain Tiger Spotlight: Marwida

From a scene on the Amalfi Coast

By Renee Fortune

The Latin word for ‘sea’ is mare. And the word for ‘life’ is vida. Together, these two terms inspired the name of a brand that takes its cues; both in terms of creative philosophy and visual truth, from the ocean. 

Fashion, but make it meaningful

Marwida was launched in December 2019, as a brand designed to go beyond aesthetics. For CEO, John Magner and his business partner, it had to be about fashion, but also about so much more. The escalating climate change crisis was a powerful call to action for the team behind Marwida, who share the conviction that luxury living and sustainability should not be regarded as mutually exclusive notions. Their goal was to create swimwear that is durable, hard-wearing and future-forward in the way it is produced. This swimwear also needed to reflect the elegance and majesty of the Amalfi Coast. But; perhaps most importantly, each piece needed to give something back to the delicate biomes of the sea. Today, Marwida swimwear ticks all those boxes.

Each pair of swim trunks in the range is made from the equivalent of 27 recycled plastic bottles and other marine litter. The production process begins with the collection of plastic waste found in the oceans and landfills. This waste is then sorted and transformed into granulate to produce 100% recycled fibres. To do this, Marwida partners with SEAQUAL, a global co-operative that brings together environmental activists, organisations and industry bodies to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the ocean and the habitats it supports. Once the fibres have been produced, the recycled textile is processed into upcycled plastic swimwear, produced ethically and consciously in Portugal. 
For every pair of swim trunks that is purchased. $5 is donated to the Coral Reef Alliance – an NGO dedicated to using cutting-edge science and community engagement to ensure a sustainable future for coral reefs worldwide. 

By the time your swim trunks arrive at your doorstep, it has passed through the hands of a passionate production team and been through a design process purposed towards promoting sustainable consumption at every level. 

As John explains: “Our flagship range of swimwear is a physical manifestation of our commitment to the environment. Each piece, inspired by the sea and its diverse habitats, represents a tangible solution to the plastic waste crisis plaguing our oceans. By wearing Marwida, consumers are not just making a fashion statement, but also contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.”

A blueprint from the deep blue

Marwida is undoubtedly Mediterranean – everything about these swim trunks says sun, surf and powder-white sand. They’re the kind of swimwear that will take you places and the one piece in your capsule closet that you’ll never want to leave behind when you travel. Colourways in the collection are varied. You’ll find dusty pinks and purples, neutral blacks and greys, and pops of vibrant shades of blue and gold. Patterning is kept simple and is inspired by natural formations found in the sea. 

“Marwida's design style is underpinned by classic aesthetics and detail orientation. Our love for the sea directly influences our designs, with each pattern inspired by various marine habitats and organisms. We create our handcrafted swimwear in a slim Amalfi Coast style, reflecting our focus on quality and versatility. Our design approach encapsulates our commitment to sustainability without compromising on style,” says John.

A glimpse of something better and brighter

You could say that the tides are changing. More consumers are waking up to the fact that by making empowered choices, they can make a difference to the bigger picture. Whether we are aware of it or not, each choice we make has an impact. With brands like Marwida, those choices can make a positive impact – one that makes sense today, but also echoes into the next generation. 

Marwida represents a lifestyle choice made by consumers who understand that every dollar, pound or dirham spent, is a vote for a better future. Marwida customers aren’t afraid to make that vote confidently and to wear that choice proudly.
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