Active Mist Brighten & Refresh. Skin & Senses. | 100ml
Active Mist Brighten & Refresh. Skin & Senses. | 100ml
Active Mist Brighten & Refresh. Skin & Senses. | 100ml

Active Mist Brighten & Refresh. Skin & Senses. | 100ml

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Why should I use Active Mist?
Active Mist works both as a toner, to finish the cleansing process, and as a Mist to keep the skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

What effects will I notice?
Hydration, instant radiance and cool- fresh touch. Our formula is unique, due to the low percentage of dry oil that it contains and helps skin maintain high hydration levels.

What is like to use it? (Feeling, texture, aroma)?
By spraying our glowing and hydrating facial toner and mist, Active Mist, on your skin, you will immediately feel a great sensation of freshness. Its floral aroma composed by fig juice and essential oils of geranium and sweet orange, will provide you with a calming sensation.

It’s For You If

  • You’re looking for extra freshness, hydration, and radiance for your dull skin.
  • Active Mist is a safe product to use during pregnancy. However, we always recommend checking with your doctor before using new products (every pregnancy and every woman is different).
  • Suited for all kind of skin and ages.

How to Use: 

  • Mist: Spray lightly over clean face and neck (with closed eyes).
  • Breathe deeply to fully benefit the fresh 100% natural essential oils aroma.
  • Toner: Spray over a cotton ball and massage your face.
  • Follow with Dafna’s day or night moisturizer.

Key Ingredients

Active Mist is composed by 100% natural ingredients and Melacare biotechnology. It´s an advanced tonic/mist that prepares the skin with extra hydration. Here you can see the key ingredients that make it so special:

Figs juice (Soul Ingredient)
Its essence is from Greece, from generations ago… it is sweet, it is love… it is the honey of life…. It reminds us of the origins of the stories of Greece It exhibits antioxidant effects on skin cells, slows down the breakdown of collagen, and improves the appearance of wrinkles. In Indonesia, the fig tree symbolizes unity within diversity, while its dangling roots represent the many islands that make up the nation. Fig extract is used widely in various skin formulations which have proven to reduce the skin melanin, water loss and sebum. Moreover, fig extract improves the skin hydration and works as a natural remedy for hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles.

Silica from natural quartz helps a rapid renewal of damaged skin.

Mimosa extract (Soul Ingredient)
It is also known as a “skin plant” due to its great beneficial effects on it. Its use has been documented since ancient times in botanical medicine in the area where it originates from, Central America. It cleanses and regenerates the skin, while helping to eliminate bacteria and dead cells, which gives our skin a more youthful appearance.

MelaCare™ (Biothecnology)
A mixture of oils from three medical plants (Oxalis Triangularis Oil, Eremanthus Erythropappus, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil) known for their anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-oxidant effects. MelaCare™-Oil inhibits melanin synthesis and thus with time skin tone becomes more even and photoaging signs are reduced (such as spots and wrinkles).

Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils (Soul Ingredient)
Geranium and sweet orange are essential oils that contribute to emotional and skin balance. They help to reduce anxiety, relieve tension and irritability.


Aqua**, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil**, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Eremanthus Erythropappus Branch/Leaf Oil**, Centella Asiatica Extract**, Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark Extract**, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil***, Ficus Carica Fruit Juic**, Propanediol****, Glycerin*****, Caprylhydroxamic Acid*****, Oxalis Triangularis Oil**, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil***, Silica, Maltodextrin*****, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate*****, Potasium Sorbate*****, Limonene****, Linalool****, Geraniol****, Citronellol****.

* Bio certified ingredient ** 100% pure botanical source *** 100% pure essential oil **** Natural derived oil constituents ***** Certified botanical derived ingredient.


What is Clean Beauty?

With words such as green, natural and organic we are often misled into thinking a product is ‘clean’ without checking the label. Clean beauty means that a product is safe, non-toxic, and has transparent labeling of ingredients. Just because a product is green/natural/organic it doesn’t mean it is clean. Clean Beauty, at its core, is a product that is safe to use with no harmful ingredients (to reiterate: not chemicals, but ingredients!).

Small Batch production

Small batch production has taken off in the last 2-3 years with local businesses taking the lead. From decor and beauty to food brands, we are seeing a huge shift in expectation from consumers as well as brands leading the process. Conscious consumers are moving away from mass-produced, large-scale beauty products to sustainable and eco-friendly makeup brands that operate along ethical lines. A renewed focus on zero-waste makeup is also part of this planet- and people-conscious movement.

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