Key of Gender Unity
Key of Gender Unity
Key of Gender Unity
Key of Gender Unity
Key of Gender Unity

Key of Gender Unity

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The masculine and the feminine are at the base of and constitute all things, eventually merging into Unity. The masculine never exists without the feminine, so every living being has a part of both masculine and feminine and is therefore whole, complete and perfect in itself.

The wisdom of gender unity refers to the need to balance the masculine (yang) principle, associated with the Cartesian and logical, and the feminine (yin) principle, associated with intuition and sensitivity.

These qualities exist in all of Nature’s creations, plants, minerals, electrons and magnetic poles, women and men. To be complete means to accept this polarity within us.

Every human being comes from the fusion of this polarity.

This wisdom key teaches us that we will achieve balance, wholeness, once we are able to recognise this polarity within us and all around us, to take care of the balance of our inner yin/yang couple and to use it to create harmony with ourselves, others, and the reality we wish to manifest.

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