Key of Vibration
Key of Vibration
Key of Vibration
Key of Vibration

Key of Vibration

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Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. Every object, emotion, sound, thought, desire, has its own frequency. Advances in quantum physics have confirmed that the entire universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

The key of vibration is the foundation of the Law of Attraction, whereby we attract to us situations and people that match our own vibration.

Consciously or unconsciously, everything we experience through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions is a transposition of the vibrations we are connected to. Negative energies attract negative energies, positive energies attract positive energies.

The law of attraction is classically presented as the door opener to all our desires. This wisdom is more indicative of what we create in our reality and what is aligned or not with our soul’s plan. Any vibrational frequency, not aligned with our soul’s plan, takes us off course and prevents us from manifesting our true being. Become aware of your vibration and raise it !

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